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N.E.U.K Chilli Warriors

Here you will find out about all our chilli warriors. How do you become a chilli warrior? Get involved on our facebook page wearing an N.E.U.K t shirt. We currently have 5 categories for our chilli Warriors, and show how well a member is doing with handling heat or challenges. 

The best place for our chilli warriors. These guys have a very high tolerance and have won multiple competitions and/or completed multiple challenges. 40 NEUK Points or 5 League of Fire Challenges are needed to be included in the golden crew

The place to go if you have completed a couple of challenges or won a competition. A general high tolerance is needed to be included amongst the Ladles.

The Big Spoons is the place to be once you have shown a good interest in chilli and generally have a good tolerance, although are yet to complete any challenges.

The Little Spoons is for those members who have posted a pic and/or video of themselves in our very own N.E.U.K t-shirt and have started to include themselves in chilli related madness.

This is where our younger ones are placed. Some have started to include themselves in some chilli fun.

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