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Adele The Brave

Adele The Brave Achievements

  • 2nd at the Tyne Burner Chilli festival behind the legend Johnny Scoville with only 4 weeks training

  • Completed the Tube of Terror in 5 minutes and 8 seconds

  • Completed the Mother of all Bars Challenge in 5 minutes and 43 seconds + 7 minutes 57 seconds

  • Joint Winner of the 2nd LOF Online Chilli Eating Competition

  • Eating 13 Carolina Reapers

  • League of Fire Chug Challenge Completed twice - more information HERE

  • Completed Hot Dang Show Hot Bites three times + 2 in one sitting

  • Completed Death Nuts 2.0

  • Completed Worlds Hottest Corn Chip Challenge

  • Competed in NEUK's 4 way Toe of Satan Challenge

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League of Fire Chug Challenge

13 Carolina Reapers Eaten

Tube of Terror Challenge

1st Competition Win

Mother of All Bars Challenge

Hot Bites

MOAB Challenge

League of Fire Chug Challenge

Hot Bites

1st Competition Entry

Death Nuts

Hottest Chips

4 Way Toe of Satan

Hot Bites

Hot Bites

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